Hospitality and Restaurants

+ Ha'Nesicha - Event Center Complex, Haifa

+ Kala Mitos - Event Venue, Haifa

   Lichi - Bar-Restaurant, Afula

+ New Sections, Children Museum of Holon:

       Entrance foyer, Cafe, Museum shop


   Retail & Offices

+ Ran Blander Architects Office, Tel Aviv

+ April Perfume and Cosmetics Stores

   Open Gallery Doors- Showrooms

+ Rav-Bariach Doors- Showrooms

+ Open Gallery Doors, Rishon Le'Zion

   Mazonite Doors Showroom, Kiev, Ukraine

New-Pharm drugstores

+ Mashcal Office, Tel-Aviv

   Toyota Showroom, Afula

   Alon Tours Travel Agencies

   Onelco Construction Firm Offices, Nazareth

   Tidhar Offices, "Beit Tidhar", Ra'anana

   Bergerson & Co, Aviad, Itach & Co. Offices

   Tidhar Tower, Ramat Gan

   Musical Arts Center, Afula

   Joint Center, Ashalim

   Rishon La'Yam, Rishon Le'Zion Seashore

New Sections, Children Museum:

Entrance foyer, Cafe, Museum shop




Tel Hashomer Recovery Pools

Tel Hashomer Hospital


Rav Bariach Pavilion

Casa Expo - 2009, 2010

Mashcal -

Local Government Economic Services 

Office in Tel-Aviv

In Collaboration with Arch. Irit Greenberg


Ran Blander Architects Pavilion

Israeli Convention of Architecture and Design, 2011


Open Gallery Pavilion

Design Expo 2005, 2007

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